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Personalize the Dashboard of the Citi Mobile App
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Get your Card eStatement on the Citi Mobile App
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Personalised dashboard

Simplify your payments

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Credit Cards eStatement

Activate & manage your card

All new features on the Citi Mobile® App

Citi Pay With Points

Use your Points or Miles to offset your transactions instantly

Citi World Privileges

Get deals and discounts locally and in 95 other countries

Quick Cash

Instant# cash from your credit card, on your terms


Turn big payment into your big rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

Citi Mobile®App Terms and Conditions

# Instant disbursement is available only for Citibank Deposit Accounts displayed during the funds disbursement option.

For payments and transfers via Citi Mobile, the payee will first have to be added on Citibank Online and activated with an Online Authorisation Code (OAC). All payments and transfers are subject to the Citibank Online User Agreement. Some or all of the services (including payments and transfers) that may be accessed through Citi Mobile or Citibank Online may not be available during our scheduled maintenance times. In the event of such unavailability, you may call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at 6225 5225 or visit a Citibank branch to conduct your banking transactions. Citibank exercises no control and assumes no responsibility for any delay, misconnection, variation in response times and connectivity of any Internet Service Provider (whether local or overseas) through which access to Citi Mobile and/or Citibank Online is effected. Citibank full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services.

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